What does „Stone washed linen“ mean?

Stone-washed fabric means treating the fabric surface with a special treatment. In this case, the linen fabrics are used in large washing machines, where pumice stone or volcanic stones (usually) are placed in the washing drums, which soften the upper fabrics of the fabric. That gives the fabric a soft and slightly wrinkled fabric surface.

Why should I choose linen fabric, for example instead of cotton?

The characteristics of linen fabric are much better then cotton fabric in this case. Absorbs almost as much moisture but dries faster. Linen fibers are strong fibers, many times stronger than cotton fabrics and therefore lasts longer and naturaly can wear longer. In addition, the flax has a very good thermal conductivity, which makes the linen fabric feel cool on your body on a warm summer day and warm on a cold winter evening.

What colors are available?

The color options are also listed separately for each product, but the color range is greater. If there is a definite color tone request, you can send a inquery. Upon request, it is possible to submit a request for fabric samples by sending an email to info@linendesign.ee. For colore sample request shipping fee must be paid by client.

Is linen suitable for me or in my home?

Considering the better qualities of linen fabrics, linen fabrics could even be used in modern homes / clothing, considering the environment and sustainability. Linen does not differ greatly (after wrinkling) from the commonly used cotton products. Rather, the linen has more positive qualities. Linen fits into every home, easy to take care of and is free of allergies.

How can I pay for an order?

There are two ways to pay for an order:

  • Bank Link
  • Based on an invoice